09 Mar 2022

At first thought, you might want to throw everything into your skip without thinking much about it. Stop right there! There are more efficient and space-saving ways to fill your skip. The tips we are about to share can save you space, which could save you money in the case that you need to buy another skip. Without further ado, let’s get into ‘How to fill a skip’.

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How to fill a skip – step by step

Think about what you’re putting in

What waste you need to dispose of can have a huge impact on how to order your skip. You will need to consider the type of waste it is and how big the individual items are in order to choose the right sized skip. If you don’t know what size to get, our blog ‘What sized skip?’ can help you decide.

Research what’s available

Colson Skips have a wide variety of skips in all shapes and sizes so you can find your perfect fit! They also have a skip size guide so that you don’t have to call them up again and order another skip!

Order your skip online

Once you have found your perfect skip size, you can order your skip! You will usually be able to get a quote and book on the day at a time that is convenient for you. With Colson Skips, you can even hire for the next day!

Place your skip well

Decide where you want the skip to be placed before ordering it. You need to place it where it can be easily accessed with enough room on either side to safely place items in. In addition, you need to make sure that it’s not blocking access routes for cars or pedestrians. If you require the skip to be placed on the road, let us know beforehand and we’ll organise a permit for the skip.

Place flat things in first

Anything flat or heavy needs to be placed in first! This means doors, radiators, fence panels and old flooring. On top of these items, heavier items such as bricks, concrete and breeze blocks can be placed in. If you have any glass panels, lean them up against the side to minimise the chances of them shattering.

Avoid any gaps

As tempting as it may be to throw everything inside, this isn’t the best option as you won’t save any space. Try to have an organised manner to the skip waste, making sure that it is as compact as possible.

Our top tip on how to fill a skip is…

Use a wheelbarrow! This will make your job much easier. All of the heavy items can simply be rolled out. Save your energy!

Prioritise what you need to throw!

If you get to the end of your day and find out your skip was too small, don’t panic! Prioritise what you really don’t want hanging around and get rid of these items first.

How to fill a skip with garden waste

If you have any empty space- don’t waste it! People often forget that you can put garden waste into your skip, yet this is allowed. Freeing your garden up will give you a nicer space to relax – not to mention that it will turn into green gas.

Don’t leave it till last minute

You can keep the skip for 14 days, but you should always make sure you are finished by the 13th day to make make sure that you get the job completed! 

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