08 Feb 2022

The times in which someone needs a skip are always the busiest times, for example moving home or doing a renovation project. During these times, the worst thing that you want is complications decisions based on quick thinking. When choosing a skip size, there are a few things that you should consider. With a variety of skip sizes around, it can be hard to make a decision on the perfect size for your waste. 

If you get a skip too small, you might waste money when having no other choice than to order another skip. On the other hand, if your skip is too large, it will take up unnecessary space. 

Skips sizes have some names that will be jargon to anyone who doesn’t work in the industry. They are also measured in cubic yards. In this blog, we will put skip sizes in Layman’s terms, so that everyone can understand and get their perfect skip size. There’s a skip size for everybody, it’s just finding the right size for you.

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Without further ado, let’s answer your question ‘What size skip do I need?’.

What size skip do I need?

How big is a 2-yard skip?

Otherwise known as the ‘mini skip’, this is the smallest skip around. The mini skip can take around 20 full bin bags, making it great for small projects, such as garden work or small DIY. 

How big is a 4-yard skip? 

The 4-yard skip is also known as the ‘midi skip’ and can take around 40 bin bags of waste, making it ideal for kitchen and bathroom renovation projects or larger garden makeovers.

How big is a 6-yard skip?

The chances are that you’ve heard of a ‘builders skip’ before, this is it! This is one of the most commonly hired skips in the UK. There is plenty of space in this skip for a lot of waste, accommodating approximately 60 bin bags. The large amount of space in this skip makes it ideal for use on building sites as well as large DIY projects such as home renovations. 

How big is an 8-yard skip? 

Otherwise known as the ‘mega skip’, this is great for larger renovation projects. Accommodating 80 full bin bags of waste, this skip is commonly found at commercial and industrial projects, perfect for major renovation projects. 

How big is a 12-yard skip? 

Holding around 120 bin bags full of waste, this skip is perfect for bulky waste such as old furniture or packaging waste. These skips are specifically good for shopfitters or on building and manufacturing sites. 

How big is a 17- yard skip? 

This roll on/roll off skip looks more like a container and is most commonly used at commercial and industrial sites. This skip is great for rubble, construction, garden, soil, wood, metal and plastic waste. This skip is very large and isn’t usually used for domestic projects. 

How big is a 35 yard skip? 

This is the biggest size of skip and is recommended for large commercial waste producers and large scale construction operations. This enormous skip is great for taking wood, metal, plastic, glass, cardboard, paper, and other recyclables, window frames, builders waste or demolition waste.

I still don’t know what size skip do I need, what shall I do?

If you’re still unsure about your question ‘What size skip do I need?’, get in touch with Colson Skips today. We are experts on the subject and will be able to guide you in the right direction, to find the perfect size for your project. 

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