08 Feb 2022

Generally, when people hire a skip, they throw all types of waste into it. From old furniture to soil from the garden, here at Colson Skips, we’ve seen just about everything. When using a skip, have you ever wondered where the waste goes, whether it’s sorted out in an environmentally friendly manner, or whether it’s simply been dumped into landfill? In this blog, we will take you through what happens to skip waste, so you can get a better understanding of where your waste is going. 

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What happens to skip waste- is it recycled?

It is a common misconception that what happens to skip waste is that it goes straight to landfill, which isn’t true. Here at Colson Skips, we make sure that we recycle as much waste as possible to make sure that we don’t make problems worse for the environment. Here are some of the stages we go through, before sending anything off to landfill sites that shouldn’t be there: 

  • Sorting – Skips carry many different types of materials that need to be put into separate categories. All of the materials from the skip gets taken back to the supplier’s site and sorted. Any bulky items will be taken out at this point. 
  • Treatment and processing – Each product will be treated so that they are completely stripped to their original form. An example of this is scrap metal, which will be stripped to its subcategories, or soil that will be screened. During the treatment stage, items are being prepared to be properly recycled. 
  • Disposal – In this stage, some materials are taken to specialist companies which will turn recycled materials into new items, some of these materials include fabrics, scrap metal and topsoil. Any processed waste that is possible to recycle will be recycled.

Why is the question “what happens to skip waste?” important?

Businesses and the general public are taking a much stronger stance against climate change than they used to. This is because we all have to make a difference in order to create a powerful and positive change. Recent news about the UK running out of landfill space has bought the issue closer to home than ever before. The most saddening part about this is that a lot of the waste that ends up in landfill can actually be recycled. 

By making changes to create a better environment, we are choosing to keep and love the planet that gives us a home. This isn’t just about the UK, it’s about everyone who lives on every part of the world. When materials decompose in landfill, they release harmful emissions and add to ground pollution.

What happens to skip waste depends on the company…

Deciding on a skip company can be a tricky choice, the chances are that your decisions will be highly influenced by cheaper rates rather than environmentally conscious disposal methods. When you decide on a skip hire company, we urge you to think about the environment and how that company strives to focus on recycling methods, rather than adding to landfill waste. 

Here at Colson Skips, we make sure that the items we receive are all checked for recycling opportunities and the absolute minimum is taken to landfill. We overlook every part of the recycling process to ensure every possible sustainable outcome is acted upon. We also make sure that our prices are affordable, to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to use our services. 

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