08 Feb 2022

The times in which someone needs a skip are always the busiest times, for example moving home or doing a renovation project. During these times, the worst thing that you want is complications decisions based on quick thinking. When choosing a skip size, there are a few things that you should consider. With a variety of skip sizes around, it can be hard to make a decision on the perfect size for your waste. 

If you get a skip too small, you might waste money when having no other choice than to order another skip. On the other hand, if your skip is too large, it will take up unnecessary space. 

Skips sizes have some names that will be jargon to anyone who doesn’t work in the industry. They are also measured in cubic yards. In this blog, we will put skip sizes in Layman’s terms, so that everyone can understand and get their perfect skip size. There’s a skip size for everybody, it’s just finding the right size for you.

If you’re looking to hire a skip, why not get in touch with Colson skips today?  

Without further ado, let’s answer your question ‘What size skip do I need?’.

What size skip do I need?

How big is a 2-yard skip?

Otherwise known as the ‘mini skip’, this is the smallest skip around. The mini skip can take around 20 full bin bags, making it great for small projects, such as garden work or small DIY. 

How big is a 4-yard skip? 

The 4-yard skip is also known as the ‘midi skip’ and can take around 40 bin bags of waste, making it ideal for kitchen and bathroom renovation projects or larger garden makeovers.

How big is a 6-yard skip?

The chances are that you’ve heard of a ‘builders skip’ before, this is it! This is one of the most commonly hired skips in the UK. There is plenty of space in this skip for a lot of waste, accommodating approximately 60 bin bags. The large amount of space in this skip makes it ideal for use on building sites as well as large DIY projects such as home renovations. 

How big is an 8-yard skip? 

Otherwise known as the ‘mega skip’, this is great for larger renovation projects. Accommodating 80 full bin bags of waste, this skip is commonly found at commercial and industrial projects, perfect for major renovation projects. 

How big is a 12-yard skip? 

Holding around 120 bin bags full of waste, this skip is perfect for bulky waste such as old furniture or packaging waste. These skips are specifically good for shopfitters or on building and manufacturing sites. 

How big is a 17- yard skip? 

This roll on/roll off skip looks more like a container and is most commonly used at commercial and industrial sites. This skip is great for rubble, construction, garden, soil, wood, metal and plastic waste. This skip is very large and isn’t usually used for domestic projects. 

How big is a 35 yard skip? 

This is the biggest size of skip and is recommended for large commercial waste producers and large scale construction operations. This enormous skip is great for taking wood, metal, plastic, glass, cardboard, paper, and other recyclables, window frames, builders waste or demolition waste.

I still don’t know what size skip do I need, what shall I do?

If you’re still unsure about your question ‘What size skip do I need?’, get in touch with Colson Skips today. We are experts on the subject and will be able to guide you in the right direction, to find the perfect size for your project. 

Thank you for reading our blog ‘What size skip do I need?’.

09 Dec 2021

Skip hire Derby is a popular and well-known service offered by Colson Skips, helping both our residential and commercial customers with waste removal. But if you’ve never used this service before, you may not be aware of the advantages of hiring a skip in Derby. Read on to learn more about this service and discover the benefits of skip hire Derby. 


Whilst the upfront cost of skip hire Derby may not feel like you’re saving money, you will be in the long run. Depending on the amount of waste you need to dispose of, you could end up making multiple trips to your local tip, which will soon add up in petrol costs. 

If you’re dealing with heavy or bulky waste, you might have to hire vehicles to transport these materials to a waste facility, which can be quite expensive. Instead of forking out for a hired van, invest in skip hire Derby instead and pay one simple upfront price for a 10 day standard hire period. 


One of the major benefits of skip hire Derby is the convenience. As mentioned before, skip hire Derby removes the need to visit the tip and instead provides you with a waste disposal container right outside your doorstep. This is also convenient if you have heavy waste to dispose of as you’re not transporting it very far. 

Once you’ve filled up your hired skip, Colson Skips will collect it from your location, so you don’t even have to concern yourself with returns. We deal with any and all permitted waste disposed of in your hired skip, including furniture, fabrics, paper, garden waste and much more. For a full list of what’s allowed in your skip hire Derby, get in touch with us.  

Environmental Impact

At Colson Skips, we aim to recycle over 95% of the waste we collect, giving your unused items a new life. We understand how important recycling is for our environment and aim to minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible. If you’re as eco-conscious as we are, you can definitely benefit from skip hire Derby. 

There are some skip hire companies that will place the waste they collect directly into a landfill, a practice widely known as ‘fly-tipping’. In 2019, 14.2 metric tons of greenhouse gases came from landfills, a major contributor to global warming. We condemn those that deal with waste in this manner and work hard to reduce the amount that ends up in landfills. 

Increased Safety

Having excessive amounts of waste lying around your premises can be a health and safety hazard, but this is where Colson Skips can help. By hiring a skip in Derby, you can remove these hazards and reduce the risk of injury and other health issues, as certain waste is known to emit harmful gases. 

Skip hire derby can clear your site of debris, excess materials and permitted waste, keeping you and others out of harm’s way. If you’re in the middle of a project and expect the levels of waste to increase, a skip can simply keep all of these materials in one place, rather than having multiple hazards scattered around a site. 
We believe you can greatly benefit from skip hire Derby for numerous reasons. To book your skip hire Derby, please click here. If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Colson Skips.

09 Dec 2021

At Colson Skips, we offer a wide range of waste removal and waste management services for both our commercial and residential clients. They are designed with our customers in mind, offering waste removal assistance with house renovations, construction projects and much more. 

One of the main services that we offer is skip hire Nottingham, focused on delivering skips to and collecting waste from our customers across the city. We understand how important this service is to many of our clients, which is why we’ve put together a Colson Skips guide to skip hire Nottingham, what it is and how it can help you. 

What is skip hire Nottingham?

Skip hire Nottingham is a service that allows you to hire a skip for a period of time, before being collected by Colson Transport. During skip hire Nottingham, you are permitted to fill the metal container with all kinds of waste, including, but not limited to: 

  • Bedding
  • Furniture
  • Paper & Cardboard
  • Garden Waste
  • Clothing

Depending on the size, you can dispose of up to 8 tons worth of waste in our skips, providing you will ample space and weight for waste removal. 

Skip hire Nottingham covers both the delivery and the collection of the skip, so you don’t have to worry about transporting these containers. You can also receive help filling your skip if you’re struggling with particularly heavy materials, all you need to do is contact Contact Transport.

How can skip hire Nottingham help me? 

Skip hire Nottingham is an extremely useful service for many of our clients across the city, helping to remove excess waste from construction projects, home renovations or industrial works. Skip hire Nottingham can help you by providing a simple and accessible waste removal service, disposing of any materials so you don’t have to. 

Skip hire Nottingham can also make waste removal completely stress-free, saving you both time and money on trips to the tip. If you’re looking to move house and are undergoing a house clearance, the last thing you need is added stress, so why not utilise our skip hire Nottingham service. You don’t even have to worry about returns, just let us know when you’re finished with your skip and we’ll collect it from your location the very next day. 

Hiring a skip in Nottingham

Hiring a skip in Nottingham with Colson Skips has never been easier. We aim to make our services as simple as possible for our customers, especially for those who have never hired a skip before. With Colson, you’ll never have to worry about confusing industry jargon.

All you need to do is know which skip you’d like to hire, book it through our website and let us take care of the rest. If you’re unsure which skip size is best, we’re more than happy to discuss it with you. Just get in touch with Colson Skips for more information on skip sizes in Nottingham. 

You can book your skip hire Nottingham by clicking here, but please contact us if you have any questions about this service. 

13 Jan 2021
ryan colson

Alan Titchmarsh & Ryan Colson helped young foster parent and mother of two Fiona Kirlew for the Love Your Garden show

Alan Titchmarsh headed to Nottingham and got the best reaction ever when he surprised young foster parent and mother of two Fiona Kirlew with a fantastic garden makeover.

Despite only being 36, Fiona has fostered over 40 teenage children and keeps in touch with all of them.

Her grown up ex-foster children (one of whom nominated her) share just how much they owe to Fiona’s commitment to giving them the best start in life.

Alan and the team turn this bubbly super-mum’s dismal paved-over yard into a lush Caribbean haven that evokes her father’s garden in Jamaica. Ryan Coslson and his team at Colson Transport generously helped out with the details by donating a skip to help clear the space to make the transformation possible,

Love Your Garden is on ITV 1 on Wednesday, August 28th at 8pm

Alan Titchmarsh, a well-known gardener, broadcaster, and TV presenter, used his powers for good when helping out Fiona Kirlew in his hit program Love Your Garden. Fiona Kirlew, a young foster parent and mother of two, has selflessly fostered over 50 young teenagers in the past 15 years. It was this that caught Titchmarsh’s eye as he set out to transform Fiona’s garden with some much needed TLC.

Fiona Kirlew was taken aback by the presence of Alan Titchmarsh on her doorstep, shocked and overwhelmed she soon grew fond of the proposed makeover. One of her ex-foster children, Susanna, nominated her to express how much they owed to Fiona, who was committed to giving them the best start in life.

Trekking the three hours from Hampshire to Nottingham, Titchmarsh sought out the help of Colson Transport’s local skip hire service. Ryan Colson and his team generously donated a skip to the project, smoothing out the details and making the space as clear as possible. The renovation could not have been completed without the help of Titchmarsh or Colson Transport.

Fiona’s dismal paved-over yard was not the garden of her dreams, but with the help of Alan Titchmarsh she was able to turn that green space into a lush Caribbean Haven. Inspired by her father’s garden in Jamaica, Fiona Kirlew soon found herself looking at a brand new backyard.

Her current foster children love the new space, and with the makeover taking place in May, they all got to enjoy the sunny weather over the course of the summer. This beautiful back garden has not been taken for granted, and the outdoor environment is enjoyed by all.

Ryan Colson was committed to this project, donating his company’s time and skip hire service for a great cause. More than 95% of waste collected from Fiona Kirlew’s garden would’ve been recycled rather than going to a landfill. With years of experience, Colson Transport was able to expertly clear this space in preparation for Alan Titchmarsh’s remodeling work. Visit our skip hire service to find out what we can do for you.
Watch Fiona Kirlew’s Love Your Garden episode on ITV hub now.

Read the full article here …

31 May 2019


person gardening with soil in hands


The Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening


Gardening can provide us with beautiful plants, pleasant aromas and delicious fruits & vegetables, especially in the summertime! But did you know there are significant physical and mental health benefits to gardening as well? Horticultural therapy (engaging in gardening for its therapeutic benefits) is growing in popularity and it is easy to see why!


Given the reciprocal link between our mental and physical health, we know that maintaining a healthy life requires us to look after our mind as much as our body (and vice versa). Gardening is a rewarding activity that can positively improve both your mental and physical well being, contributing to a healthy and less stressful life. (more…)

21 Feb 2019
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Top Tips From Colson Skips! How to Load Your Skip Like A Pro


As one of the most experienced and leading skip hire companies in Nottingham & Derby, we have a wealth of advice to offer about how to use your skip. Whether you are a commercial skip hire customer disposing of construction waste, or you are putting your DIY skills to the test on your own home, it is important to know how to load a skip safely. Not only this, but by filling your skip efficiently, you can load more in there, meaning greater value for money. (more…)

28 Jan 2019
skip hire lorry nottingham

Put Your Skip Hire Knowledge To The Test!


Today, skips are an integral part of the construction industry. They are a highly convenient way of clearling waste on site, for it to be collected and recycled by a skip hire contractor. Skips are now frequently seen outside homes as well as on large construction projects. But, when in history did skips begin to become poular? And why were they originally yellow? (more…)