11 May 2022

Nottingham skip hire is simple and dependable, with the provision of flexible drop-off and pick-up times. Nonetheless, there are some crucial rules and regulations to be aware of, and failure to follow them may result in a fine or your waste not being collected. 

These skip hire rules and regulations are intended to assist people in protecting the environment as well as their own well-being. Failure to follow these rules and regulations may put other people in danger and harm the environment. It is for this reason that penalties and charges are imposed. 
If you are hiring a skip for your next project and want to know more about skip placement, skip licences, fly-tipping, safety requirements, and restricted items, keep reading.

Skip Placement

When renting a skip, there are various things to consider, one of which is where the skip will be placed. You must determine where the skip will be delivered when seeking a skip hire Nottingham service. We distribute our skips using our dependable fleets, so there must be enough room for us to drive through. If your skip is small enough, you may be able to place it on your driveway or private walkway. 

A skip cannot be placed on a public sidewalk, although larger skips can be placed on a public road, but will require a licence. If you are going to put the skip in a public area, ensure it is not obstructing or blocking traffic. You must also ensure that there is sufficient space for the skip to be dropped down and picked up.

Skip Licences

If you want to put the skip on public property, you will need to get a council permit. You must first obtain the relevant permit before having the skip delivered. Some councils allow skip hire Nottingham companies to apply for these licences, while others require you to submit your own application. 

If you are applying for a licence yourself, make sure you do it well ahead of when your skip is delivered, as the procedure can take a few days. You can be fined a lot of money if you do not sort out your Nottingham skip hire permit in advance.


One problem that is costing the UK economy a lot of money is fly-tipping in skips or illegally disposing of waste. Apart from driving the UK’s economy down, it also poses grave threats to the environment and other people. 

Fly-tipping is a harmful habit that not only harms the environment but also puts other people at peril. It is because you have no idea what might be in the skip. So, if you are wanting to hire a skip, do not do it because it is an illegal practice that could result in fines or legal action.

Safety Requirement

Domestic skip hire is subject to various safety requirements, and failing to follow them may result in a fine. In case of an emergency, the name of the skip hire firm as well as a contact number must be conspicuously displayed at all times. 

If the skip is to be positioned on the road, you will additionally need traffic cones, reflective markers around the skip’s edge, and nighttime safety lamps for visibility. The requirements vary from area to area, but your local council or skip hire company will be able to tell you about safety requirements for skip hire Nottingham.

Restricted Items

When it comes to skip hire, it is important to note that certain items are not permitted to be placed in a skip. Failure to comply with this guideline will result in fines and, in some situations, legal action. Items like asbestos, tyres, electrical equipment, fuel, chemicals, medical waste, paint,  plasterboards, mattresses, batteries, and gas cylinders.

However, skips Nottingham is suitable for a wide variety of waste, including construction waste, metal, glass, furniture, garden waste, cardboard, and non-electrical fittings.

Thank you for reading our blog ‘Rules for Hiring a Skip’. If you are in need of a Nottingham skip hire service, do not hesitate to get in touch with Colson Skips today!