12 Jul 2022
how much does skip hire cost

How Much Does Skip Hire Cost?

When clearing large spaces or holding large events and needing to transfer waste in bulk, the use of a skip is crucial to the efficiency of waste removal. Without skips, bins would overflow immensely quickly, resulting in frequent littering as well as much inconvenience. Luckily, hiring a skip has never been easier. You can simply pick up the phone or visit a website such as Colson Skip Hire and place an order for a temporary skip. Not many people want to permanently have a skip present on their land and in turn, decide to hire. But how much does skip hire cost, and what affects this price?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Skip?

As with the majority of products, size is crucial in determining its price, and skip hire is no different. On average, hiring a skip will cost between £100 and £400, but this is all dependent on many different factors that will be later discussed. The best way to find an exact value would be to fill out the details in this order form

What Affects the Price of Hiring a Skip?

As aforementioned, the factors that actively decide the price of hiring a skip are vast. They include:

  • Location – different areas will have different delivery fees. A full list of applicable locations for skip hire from Colson Skip Hire can be found here.
  • Size – Larger skips, obviously, will cost more than smaller ones, therefore the size and capacity of the skip will affect its price for hire.
  • Contents – Different skips can facilitate different cargo, whether that be wood, bricks, etc. Harder to transport materials will warrant different skips and therefore, different prices.

What Size Skip Will I Need?

Skip size varies greatly, from 2 cubic yards to 40! The usage of these sizes varies, with residential customers requiring a smaller skip in comparison to large, industrial companies who will choose the higher end of the spectrum. To place these figures into perspective, a 2 cubic yard skip can hold around 30 full bin bags, whereas a 40 cubic yard skip can hold upwards of 100! If you are unsure about what size skip you may require and still wondering ‘how much does skip hire cost?’, you can call  

01773 765 720 or 0115 929 1297 to receive expert guidance from the Colson Skip Hire team, or visit their free size guide.

What Happens To Skip Waste?

Once the skip has left its area of use, it undergoes 3 main processes to remove the waste collected in it over the span of its hire. 

  • Sorting – A skip will accumulate many different types of waste during its use, meaning all this waste must be sorted, prior to disposal. Each different type of waste will be dealt with separately.
  • Treatment and processing – All the different waste categories will be treated and processed in different ways. For example, soil will be screened and rubble crushed.
  • Disposal – At this point, the different forms of waste will be sent to their respective areas. Recyclable materials will be recycled, and many other items will be sent to other specialist companies. In addition to this, reusable materials will be reused and at the end of this process, all recyclable materials will have been recycled. 

Now that you have the answer to your question, ‘how much does skip hire cost?’ You can find more details on waste disposal here.