13 Jan 2021
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Alan Titchmarsh & Ryan Colson helped young foster parent and mother of two Fiona Kirlew for the Love Your Garden show

Alan Titchmarsh headed to Nottingham and got the best reaction ever when he surprised young foster parent and mother of two Fiona Kirlew with a fantastic garden makeover.

Despite only being 36, Fiona has fostered over 40 teenage children and keeps in touch with all of them.

Her grown up ex-foster children (one of whom nominated her) share just how much they owe to Fiona’s commitment to giving them the best start in life.

Alan and the team turn this bubbly super-mum’s dismal paved-over yard into a lush Caribbean haven that evokes her father’s garden in Jamaica. Ryan Coslson and his team at Colson Transport generously helped out with the details by donating a skip to help clear the space to make the transformation possible,

Love Your Garden is on ITV 1 on Wednesday, August 28th at 8pm

Alan Titchmarsh, a well-known gardener, broadcaster, and TV presenter, used his powers for good when helping out Fiona Kirlew in his hit program Love Your Garden. Fiona Kirlew, a young foster parent and mother of two, has selflessly fostered over 50 young teenagers in the past 15 years. It was this that caught Titchmarsh’s eye as he set out to transform Fiona’s garden with some much needed TLC.

Fiona Kirlew was taken aback by the presence of Alan Titchmarsh on her doorstep, shocked and overwhelmed she soon grew fond of the proposed makeover. One of her ex-foster children, Susanna, nominated her to express how much they owed to Fiona, who was committed to giving them the best start in life.

Trekking the three hours from Hampshire to Nottingham, Titchmarsh sought out the help of Colson Transport’s local skip hire service. Ryan Colson and his team generously donated a skip to the project, smoothing out the details and making the space as clear as possible. The renovation could not have been completed without the help of Titchmarsh or Colson Transport.

Fiona’s dismal paved-over yard was not the garden of her dreams, but with the help of Alan Titchmarsh she was able to turn that green space into a lush Caribbean Haven. Inspired by her father’s garden in Jamaica, Fiona Kirlew soon found herself looking at a brand new backyard.

Her current foster children love the new space, and with the makeover taking place in May, they all got to enjoy the sunny weather over the course of the summer. This beautiful back garden has not been taken for granted, and the outdoor environment is enjoyed by all.

Ryan Colson was committed to this project, donating his company’s time and skip hire service for a great cause. More than 95% of waste collected from Fiona Kirlew’s garden would’ve been recycled rather than going to a landfill. With years of experience, Colson Transport was able to expertly clear this space in preparation for Alan Titchmarsh’s remodeling work. Visit our skip hire service to find out what we can do for you.
Watch Fiona Kirlew’s Love Your Garden episode on ITV hub now.

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